Premier urges continued solidarity

Premier David Burt at Friday’s Labour Day banquet

Premier David Burt has delivered a resounding message of solidarity with organised labour while reiterating election campaign promises that Bermudians will come first under the Progressive Labour Party government.

And the new PLP administration will look into historical land grabs, address racism and economic injustices, and look into police actions at the December 2 House of Assembly protests, the Premier said on Friday.

In his keynote address at Friday’s Labour Day banquet, Premier Burt credited People’s Campaign leaders – Jason Hayward, Rev Nicholas Tweed and Chris FUrbert – for leading resistance against what he called “anti-Bermudian aggression” by the then Government.

In truth, they emerged at a time when my own party was not as responsive to crises as we could have been, the Premier said.

Citing protests against unpopular immigration proposals and unfair labour practices, the Premier said activism led by the three leaders, organised labour and mass solidarity set the stage for the PLP’s July 18 victory at the polls.

And he urged the audience to continue practicing solidarity.

As a community of workers, we will not accomplish our dream of economic empowerment until we understand that through solidarity we must empower each other; using our collective efforts, we begin to harness the forces of economics to produce true economic empowerment.

He said:

Our Government is going to weed out the bias and the racism that has held this country in its grip for too long; that has cut-off potential and ruined access to opportunities by providing a mediocre education, unfulfilling jobs, and no ability to earn enough to own a piece of the rock.

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Burt’s ascension to the leadership of the PLP healed a rift between the party and organised labour which had occurred under Marc Bean’s leadership.

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